Blogging here

Spent time today trying to cleanup this blog a bit.

I love wordpress, but there are some usability issues. handling templates is one of them. No preview available. No conformation when selecting new template.

As a result – screwed blog by accident. Of course did not have any notes on how it was formatted – had to reinvent the wheel.

Would be nice to be able to define couple customized layouts – one default for example, and test one – to try different templates, colors and widgets. Oh, well.

So much for tags – love that idea, but it does not translate to Categories logically all the time. Example – I had “Computers and Internet” category. All good, but this name is too long for a tag, which should be simple one-work label. Converted to just “computers”.

Another issue is a layout. That’s more my personal quest for the best.  I’d like to use full width of the screen – to be able to post wider items. On another hand – wide text is hard to read, better to limit the width. But with 3-column design, middle column isn’t too wide. On the other hand – 3-column layout may look too cluttered (and it probably does!).

Decided to keep current layout anyway…


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